Desktop Client Developer

C# Programmer


You will be part of the core programming team for a Seattle gaming company.  We are looking for motivated programmers.  Major projects goals are 1) building a data-driven web site for distributing video game upgrades & content, and 2) creating a desktop application to facilitate the delivery of upgrades & content.


Qualified applicants must have solid understanding of programming desktop applications using the .NET framework.  Experience developing web sites and web services a plus. C# will be the primary programming language.  Data services are managed by SQL Server 2005.  Subsequently, knowledge of C# and SQL Server is a must.  Applicants should also have knowledge of and experience with the following web technologies: XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  You should have an eye for security, programming proactively to prevent common web-based attacks, such as XSS & SQL Injection.  Excellent code documentation habits are a must.

All applicants should:

  • Possess excellent teamwork and communications skills.
  • Be able to show their work on a regular basis.
  • Be comfortable in a high-speed, high-energy environment.
  • Provide honest feedback and speak their minds.
  • Be driven by a desire to create an excellent service for the end user.

To Apply:

Along with a resume, a portfolio showing up to five examples of the applicant’s work is appreciated.

You can get more information by using our Contact Us page or email your resume and portfolio to